Bristol in the World

Bristol in the World – we only have one planet.

We recognize the inequity of our current consumption patterns in which we are using up a greater share of the planet’s resources, and that the poor are most vulnerable to climactic change. We work with partners around the world to share learning, ideas and develop adaptation responses.

Bristol’s Smart City Vision:

Bristol is an active member of key leading European networks and initiatives, including Eurocities, the Covenant of Mayors and the Green Digital Charter. These allow the city’s pioneering work in the green technology sector to be promoted on the international stage, and gives the city access to inspiring ideas from other leading cities across Europe.

Bristol is a unique city of partnerships, and by using the many links we have between local and global players, Bristol very much aspires to secure its future as one of Europe’s leading Smart Cities. With a fast growing environmental technologies and service sector, along with a wealth of forward thinking creative media initiatives, Bristol should seek to create and deliver market leading technologies, in order to make the Smart City vision a reality.

Climate Change: Our City Legacy.

Climate Change is an international problem, but unless cities are able to cut their harmful emissions as individual communities, we will never be able to progress. The Green Capital Partnership belief is one of integrated solutions, where we prepare for change in a coordinated and sustainable fashion. All the parts of our vision, from food policy to biodiversity, are interrelated. The problem needs solving as a whole.

Bristol has a population of 440,000, and has grown by almost 15 percent inside a decade. Current UK targets are to reduce carbon emissions by 20% by 2020, from a 2005 level. While there is no duty to do so, Bristol has risen to the challenge of setting its own emissions and energy efficiency targets, and as a result has scored highly with the EU Green Capital award judges for 2014 in this sector.

What is Bristol doing?

Over the last decade, local government has consistently drawn up and implemented an action plan for tackling climate change, starting with the Climate Protection and Sustainable Energy Strategy Action Plan in 2004. The current incarnation is the Climate Change and Energy Security Framework. which sets out a city wide action plan for investing in energy efficiency and carbon cutting methods. Bristol’s aim is to cut our emissions by 40% in the next eight years (from 2005 to 2020). At double the national government target, it’s one of the most ambitious plans in the UK or in Europe, but Bristol has already cut emissions by a fifth between 2005 and 2009. As a Partnership and as a city community, we believe Bristol can achieve these targets, leaving a strong international legacy.

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