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Latest News

Bristol Urban Gardening start-up, LettUs Grow, hit £5000 crowdfunding target. But need votes!

Over the past five weeks this Bristol-based team have been crowdfunding their innovative new hydroponic startup, LettUs Grow, as part of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership #BetterBristol crowdfunding platform. On the 15th of May the team flew past their crowdfunding target, raising over £5000 with 7 days remaining. They are also sitting in 78th of the start-up category of VOOM, a massive public vote, and the largest UK business competition.

5000What is LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow produces soil free urban gardens for growing salad vegetables within the home. These integrate LED lighting and use automated, soilless, hydroponic techniques, inspired by NASA, that allow anyone to grow fresh salad inside their home or school.

It was launched by students and graduates of the University of Bristol seeking to make it simple to grow affordable, fresh salad in as many homes as possible. The urban gardens can reduce food waste, educate, and grow great food, with very little floor space. A no brainer!

The LettUs Grow vision is to have a salad garden in every kitchen, a chili plant in the living room. Housed in attractive but affordable LettUs Grow products, these will provide an interesting set piece for any room and provide families with the freshest food possible.

1 InfographicThe first products include a kitchen-top “Herb Garden” with capacity for 4 basil-sized plants, and a larger “Salad Bar” that can grow up-to 16 salad plants at any one time. Energy efficient LED lighting allows you to grow plants anywhere in the home – and not just on a crowded windowsill.  Both products are focused on making growing food as simple as possible. Via a web application, named the E-cosystem, you get reminders on when to water your plants and can automate the whole growing process.

Helping to create a Better Bristol

The innovative young team took this start-up to market by entering the Virgin Business “VOOM” competition to pitch to Richard Branson and launched a crowdfunding campaign, selling pre-orders of their products. They were supported by Bristol Green Capital Partnership through the Better Bristol platform – attending a ‘How to Crowdfund’ workshop, connecting up with local food initiatives and networks, and receiving coaching as part of the Better Bristol campaign.

However, to get through to the next round they need to be top 80 by the 23rd of May. So keep an eye on their progress and vote through the link below!

To Vote:

If you would also be interested in finding out more about LettUs Grow and helping out then they’d love to get you involved. Just check out their website at !

The TeamCo-Founder and CEO Jack Farmer describes the journey so far: “We are so thankful to everyone who’s supported us over the past 5 weeks and helped us hit £5000 – we will be using the funds to progress LettUs Grow over 2016 and make the maximum impact. It is criminal how much food is wasted every day by our food system. Our team are all passionate about bringing food growing into every home, and making sustainable, fresh food accessible to everyone. Please take a second to vote on our VOOM pitch and help us take this idea to Richard Branson – we don’t want to stop here!.”

Co-founder and CTO Ben Crowther said: “We are extremely excited to be doing so well this early on. The more support we can muster from our growing community will allows us to provide even greater functionality in our products. If we break the £5k mark there is scope to look at stretch goal allowing us to begin working with schools and develop educational resources that teach kids about the food system. To achieve this, we need people to vote for and share our competition entry as well as telling everyone about our crowdfunding campaign!”


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