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Call out for Energy Champions – to champion energy saving in your community.


What is an Energy Champion?

Our vision is for every neighbourhood in Bristol to have a local person to turn to for energy advice, a person who will champion energy saving in their community.

Energy Champions are local people like you from all over Bristol, who are interested in giving advice to their friends, neighbours and community on saving electricity and gas. Energy Champions may also give information on solar panels and other renewable technology.

Energy Champions have varying backgrounds and interests. They may know lots or little about energy when they start but all learn lots along the way. They are people interested in knowing more about energy and are united by wanting to help friends, colleagues and neighbours.

We will provide all the information, training and support needed for you to become an Energy Champion.

What will you be doing?

Bristol is full of exciting projects about energy, run by many different organisations and new ones are starting all the time. Once you are an Energy Champion you will be invited to join projects in your area to work with existing groups. You will have the opportunity to be involved in all sorts of interesting activities already underway and perhaps even develop new ideas.

You won’t be asked to do anything you’re not confident with and we will provide training and support for all activities.

The type of things you could be doing are;

  • Taking Thermal Images of homes
  • Helping conduct energy efficiency surveys
  • Showing people around energy efficient homes
  • Learning how to construct solar panels and teaching others
  • conducting small bits of research
  • Participating in street parties, local events and tea parties
  • Demonstrating new technologies
  • Draft busting demonstrations and fitting
  • Providing advice and support

You can also do your own activities and events.

You could do this by;

  • Talking to the people you already know in your community
  • Putting on an event like a coffee morning
  • Having a stall at a school fair
  • Setting up an action group

If you have a particular interest or develop one during training you may like to focus on one of the following activities.


As a Retrofitting Champion you will be talking to people in your neighbourhood about retrofitting their homes to make them more energy efficient. You could be discussing options such as solid and cavity wall insulation, double glazing and boiler/heating system upgrades. As well as discussing possible grants and loans such as the Warm Up Bristol scheme.

Smart Meters

Smart meters are a new type of electricity and gas meter that all the energy companies are introducing over the next few years. They have a digital display and show in ‘real time’ how much energy is being used in the home (and transmit this information to the energy provider). They often show a running total of how much the energy charges for the day are and a comparison with the households average usage.

As a Smart Meter Champion you will be talking to people in your neighbourhood about Smart Meters. You could be giving Smart Meter demonstrations and explaining how they help people reduce their energy use.

Renewable Energy

As a Renewable Energy Champion you will be talking to people in your neighbourhood about installing renewable energy in/on their homes. You could be discussing the various options such as Solar Panels, biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps. As well as discussing possible financial incentives such as the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’.

School Energy Champion

Friends of the Earth’s special role in the project is to run their Schools Run on Sun campaign locally. We’ll be looking out for School Energy Champions to:

  • get as many schools as possible in the Bristol area hooked up with the funding and know-how to install solar power
  • inspire schools to run club-based and class-based activities so that pupils can learn about energy use and generation
  • encourage schools to be beacons in their wider communities to spread the uptake of energy saving measures and clean power

What will we do?

  • Provide all the training and information needed
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Pay expenses
  • Invite you to join exciting projects from many different organisations
  • Provide regular opportunities to work and socialise with other Energy Champions and other organisations

Who would this role suit?

  • People who live in Bristol
  • People who enjoy talking to others
  • People who are interested in energy saving

Interested? Email or call 0117 934 1432

This Project is run in partnership with the following organisations; Bristol Energy Network, Centre for Sustainable Energy, Ovo energy, NHS, Centre for Sustainable Energy and Friends of the Earth.

I think an Energy Champion could help my organisation/project….

Fantastic! We feel Energy Champions can help local organisations by being able to utilise a fully trained and local Energy Champion to support their sustainable energy initiatives- improving their capacity, capability and adding value to their existing projects.

Our role

  • Bristol Energy Network will;
  • Recruit
  • Fully Train
  • Provide ongoing support for energy champions.

We can also help you devise what you need from an energy champion and help you write a role description.

Your role

  • Provide a volunteering opportunity for an energy champion.
  • You can also put forward your own existing volunteers to be Energy Champions.
  • You can recruit Energy Champions for your project and we can train and support them.
  • You can write your own role description and we can recruit an Energy Champion on your behalf.

Interested? Email: or phone 0117 934 1432

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