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Latest Events

Healthy City Week 2017

  • Start - Saturday 07th October 2017
  • Finish - Saturday 14th October 2017
  • Free or low-cost event
  • Various

Bristol Green Capital Partnership is pleased to announce that Healthy City Week 2017 will take place from 7 – 14 October, with the support of Bristol Health Partners.

This year’s programme will provide a range of opportunities to share learnings and explore the intersections between the health and sustainability communities in addressing environmental challenges. Events will include:

  • A participatory Healthy City Week Partnership Gathering and open space workshop on 12 Oct at Trinity Centre (save the date!)
  • Networking events including a healthy ‘Green Mingle on 5 Oct (5.30 – 7.30pm) at The Kitchen and a business breakfast with Go Green (date tbc)
  • An exciting new ‘Fun Palace collaboration on 7 & 8 Oct– a weekend of collaborative health, arts, science and community events in Avonmouth and Barton Hill
  • A day of wellbeing at The New Room in Broadmead (14 Oct)
  • Talks and workshops from Bristol Health Partners and the Health Integration Teams, and groups and organisations from the Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Although Healthy City Week is unable to run an open submission process to create a broader programme in 2017, the activities this year will present many opportunities to connect, collaborate and help us to collectively pave the way for a bigger and more ambitious Healthy City Week in 2018.

Upcoming opportunities

  • Healthy City Week Fun Palaces – Sat 7 & Sun 8 Oct (and other dates tbc)

Healthy City Week is collaborating with partners at Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, Avonmouth Community Centre and Wellspring Healthy Living Centre to run Healthy City Week Fun Palaces. These collaborative health, research, arts, science and community events are designed to bring people together from a range of disciplines. They will be addressing themes raised during community consultation, including air pollution, health and nutrition, and active travel.

There are opportunities for your organisation or group to contribute to these events by getting involved with the maker teams, providing resources, materials, or venues for events to take place in other communities.

You can find out more and join a workshop for Bristol Green Capital Partnership members on 23 Aug, 10.30 - 12pm, University of Bristol: book here. Or contact Ellie for more information if you can’t attend the workshop but would like to get involved or offer resources, materials or a venue.

  • Wellbeing Day at The New Room – Sat 14 Oct

This year The New Room in Broadmead will be hosting a day of wellbeing. If you have a taster session or a stall that you would like to host, please complete this form and the New Rooms Coordinator will be back in touch.

  • Social Prescribing - Health Fair at Brooklea Health Centre  –  Wed 11 Oct

Brooklea, Brislington to are keen for stall holders to join the health fair and highlight ‘social prescribing’ options available in the local community to tackle physical and mental health problems. They would love to hear from walking, cycling and nature groups, dance classes, dietary and smoking advisors, and other health and mental wellbeing practitioners.

  • Healthy City Week Partnership Gathering – Thu 12 Oct

Individuals working or volunteering in the healthcare and sustainability communities, and all members of Bristol Green Capital Partnership, will be invited to this open space workshop in the morning of 12 Oct, where key themes and problems related to health and sustainability will be addressed using a world café format. If you would like to propose a topic, theme or ‘problem’ that spans health and sustainability, please email by 28 Aug.

Look out for further opportunities once the programme is launched in September, and contact Healthy City Week project manager, Livvy Drake with any questions:

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