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Latest News

Good Energy is world’s first energy company to accept local currency

100% renewable electricity company Good Energy has become the world’s first energy company to accept a local currency, with customers now able to pay their energy bills using Bristol Pounds.

Good Energy image bristol poundThe West Country-based organisation, which supplies 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses across the UK, made the announcement during Bristol’s Big Green Week, the UK’s annual festival of environmental ideas, sponsored by Good Energy. Good Energy purchases renewable electricity from a wide range of generators in the South West including Wyke Farms, the UK’s largest independent cheese maker and Worthy Farm, home of Glastonbury Festival.

The Bristol Pound is the first city-wide currency in the UK, the largest alternative to sterling and the first to be used to pay taxes to Bristol City Council. The scheme is run as a not-for-profit partnership with Bristol Credit Union, and is one of the largest local currency schemes in the world.

Good Energy CEO and founder Juliet Davenport said: “We believe the future of energy is homegrown, sustainable generation which benefits communities and the planet. We’re incredibly excited to be leading the way by inviting our customers in Bristol to support green energy and their local economy at the same time. This is a world first, there’s simply nowhere else you can pay for your gas and electricity with a local currency.” Bristol based printers Apple Colour accept Bristol Pounds and have been working with Good Energy for some years. Richard Bracey from Apple Colour, which is based in Silverthorne Lane, St Philips, said: “We have a long standing relationship with Good Energy having been a supplier to them for many years. We also use them as a supplier for our electricity, recognising the importance of using 100% renewable electricity for our business. Good Energy’s introduction of their use of the Bristol Pound confirms they are making a commitment to trade locally, ensuring the growth of the area, which is great news.”

Read this recent article from the Guardian on how Bristol Pound gets a boost of energy as Good Energy signs up.

Quote ‘Bristol Pound’ when switching to Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity or dual fuel tariffs and you will receive 50 Bristol Pounds.

A Step Forward For The City

Bristol Pound CIC CEO & Director Ciaran Mundy said: “Good Energy joining the Bristol Pound is a major step forward for the city. It means that residents can now pay for energy services along with other essentials like food and transport with money that supports a fairer local economy, whilst fighting climate change by increasing renewable energy. We think this sets the precedent for other utility companies to follow suit – Good Energy are showing us it’s possible for an organisation supplying electricity generated from clean, local sources to use a currency which helps the rest of the economy go green.”

From 1st April 2015, Bristol Pound can also be used to pay Council Tax. Ciaran explained the potential impact of this new scheme: “For the first time we can make sure our hard-earned cash is used by the council to support Bristol’s independent business sector. If one in ten people in Bristol paid their council tax in £Bs we would redirect a huge amount of resources and wealth back to the people of Bristol, at no extra cost to the taxpayer. Bristol’s independent businesses deserve the council’s support so let’s make this happen!”

Find out how to pay your council tax in Bristol Pound or how to sign up as an individual or a business, visit 

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