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Latest News

Green & Black Ambassadors initiative awarded support from Innovation Fund

Bristol Green Capital Partnership is pleased to announce a successful application to the Cabot Institute Innovation Fund in support of the Green & Black Ambassadors Initiative – a Six-Month Pilot that will seek to address exclusion of Black and Minority Ethnic communities in Bristol’s environmental sustainability efforts.

This pilot project will be co-funded by Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC and the Cabot Institute Innovation Fund, and will be delivered by Ujima Radio in collaboration with Bristol Green Capital Partnership, University of Bristol academics, Cabot Institute and Centre for Public Engagement.

Bristol is recognised for leadership on environmental sustainability, with a record for creating a ‘low carbon city with a high quality of life for all’. However, there is an urgent need to address exclusion of Black and Minority Ethnic communities. Following community consultations, we understand it is essential to invest in the leadership skills of those interested in bringing environmental and social justice in Bristol.

The initiative will:

  • contribute directly to a more diverse environmental community
  • make progress on issues of concern for newly-involved communities; and
  • critically, serve as a research project in its own right to understand how best to support communities achieve activism and inclusion.

Specifically, the project team will pilot a ‘Green and Black Ambassadors’ initiative, which will see two ambassadors from African and Caribbean communities receive training and support to:

  • Conduct Community Action Research: ambassadors will be trained under the Productive Margins programme to explore why exclusion exists in the sustainability agenda, and propose means for overcoming issues.
  • Collate Case Studies: to help establish learning lessons from local exemplars of inclusive green initiatives
  • Create Media Projects: to share learning and experiences, raising the profile of the Green and Black agenda
  • Undergo Leadership Development: partners will offer leadership training and mentoring, as well as opportunities to engage at Board-level
  • Advocate for ‘disruptive’ constructive challenge: Ambassadors will attend sustainability events, better connect environmental and social justice, and promote engagement with more diverse communities.
  • Support an application for funds ensuring the continuation and up-scaling of the pilot.

Look out for more information as the project kicks off next month.

About the Cabot Institute

The Cabot Institute carries out fundamental and responsive research on risks and uncertainties in a changing environment.   It drives new research in the interconnected areas of climate change, natural hazards, water and food security, low carbon energy, and future cities.  Its research fuses rigorous statistical and numerical modelling with a deep understanding of social, environmental and engineered systems – past, present and future. It seeks to engage wider society by listening to, exploring with, and challenging its stakeholders to develop a shared response to 21st Century challenges.  Find out more at

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