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Help small scale, local food producers grow local food in Bristol! 


“We believe a resilient Bristol needs an abundance of fresh, fair, local and sustainably produced food – food that is good for people, good for Bristol and good for the planet.”

Small scale, local food producers often struggle to make viable livelihoods, even though the food they produce is of vital importance to the health and resilience of their communities. There is a perfect storm of obstacles such as competing in markets dominated by cheap supermarket food, finding secure tenancies, and overheads for seeds and packaging that erode their small profit margins.

Bristol Food Producers is a diverse network of local independent growers, farmers, food processors, distributors and restauranteurs working together to supply the city we love – collaborating and supporting each other by sharing advice and resources to scale up the local food system and make good food more available and visible.

Over the last year they’ve established a membership scheme, held networking events, provided business support and marketing advice, run masterclasses, provided bursaries to members to attend training courses, and begun the task of raising the profile of the organisation locally. They are a not-for-profit social enterprise and a registered Community Benefit Society – you can find out more about us here at

Why are Bristol Food Producers crowdfunding?

“We’re raising funds to support our work over the next year, where our focus is going to be on building producer visibility and solidarity. We have some exciting projects and plans in mind, such as promoting the valuable work of our producer members through a series of video interviews, and providing quarterly networking events for producers to share learning and experience and form links with retailers, chefs, distributors etc. We’re also planning to run a series of skill-building masterclasses to upskill our members, and developing our online forum of asks and offers to help provide new connections and support for members. We’re also launching two new categories of memberships (retailer and cafe/restaurant) to help support our producers to access new routes to market.

We’ll also be continuing our work to raise the profile of local food and the producers behind the products; sending out monthly newsletters packed with information, advice and training opportunities; speaking at and attending relevant events; creating new opportunities and partnerships and actively promoting members and topical issues via social media”

“This is an important time for Bristol Food Producers and we need your help and support to make this all happen. Our network is still in its very early stages and we need funding to help us deliver our plans and grow our membership.”

There are loads of great rewards available; check out our Bristol Food Producer memberships, Local Food Supporter Package, and our Local Producer Tour. We’ve also got some great farm tours, wildflowers, beef joints, business team building days and art up for grabs too. And all pledges that include BFP membership will be invited to a big Bristol Food Producers members party which will be held at Feed Bristol early in the new year!

Some of the benefits for Producers/Retailers/Distributors:

  • Access to networking events and connections with other members – help develop new routes to market and contacts
  • Support and collaboration with other producers – help share knowledge and build relationships
  • Increased profile in Bristol through films, blog posts and social media by Bristol Food Supporters
  • Access to reduced price masterclasses and training opportunities

Some of the benefits for Local Food Supporters

  • A greater connection and understanding with the food you eat
  • The knowledge that you are supporting local producers and helping create a sustainable food system
  • An invite to our members’ party early next year

This project is featured on the Bristol Green Capital Partnership ‘Better Bristol’ crowdfunding campaign – showcasing our city’s amazing talent, inventions, solutions and innovations to the rest of the world and inviting you to be part of it.

Pledge your support to bringing more sustainable food to the city through small independent food businesses in Bristol and the surrounding area.

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