The Peak Oil Report

September 30, 2011

 Peak oil is the time when the amount of oil produced worldwide in a year reaches its absolute maximum. From this point onward the amount of oil produced will drop. After that time, oil will come from more difficult sources, and become more scarce, which will increase prices.

 Our current way of life relies on the availability of an abundant supply of cheap oil. Cheap oil has made possible many of the huge changes in the last 30 years in the way we communicate, travel, eat, work and play. The next 30 years will bring yet more changes to our daily lifestyles.

 ”Given the extraordinary energy that oil has made available to us, and also the dazzling diversity of materials we can make from it, future generations might very well look back at us with incredulity and say you burnt it?” Rob Hopkins – Founder of the Transition Movement and author of the Transition Handbook

 A report about peak oil and Bristol has been written called ‘Building a positive future for Bristol after Peak Oil’. It was commissioned by the council and the Green Capital Momentum Group. You can download it by clicking here

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