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Partnership responds to key city planning process for Bristol’s future


Bristol’s revised Local Plan will determine which parts of the City Council area will be the focus of development of at least 33,500 new homes and employment land up to 2036, and the policies that will shape this.

The process therefore has important implications for our shared Partnership vision of a sustainable city with a high quality of life for all, and members were encouraged to express their views in the first round of public consultation from February to 13 April. Several Partnership member organisations shared their responses to these early proposals, and a meeting was facilitated with interested member contacts to discuss.

The initial proposals included interesting proposals on climate change, resilience, air quality, energy and heating, food pollution, open and green spaces and green infrastructure. Views were also sought on a proposed ‘urban living’ strategy, which would help guide the development of a denser city with taller buildings and which was consulted on at the same time.

The following Partnership members made submissions at this initial stage. If your organisation submitted a response that is not listed here, please do share so we can add to the list.

In addition, these responses and additional member feedback were drawn on in an overall Partnership submission. This highlighted the need for renewable energy to be built into designs to ensure new developments are net positive on energy, use the most sustainable materials, and have maximum energy efficiency standards to reduce emissions and affordability. Also, sustainable, low carbon transport infrastructure – walking, cycling and public – should be agreed ahead of planning permission. New homes should also meet healthy design principles and be fully accessible, and developments should have a positive impact on biodiversity.

City planners will now consider all consultation feedback and develop more detailed plans for specific areas and policies, a process in which we hope Partnership members will be able to play an important role. A further round of public consultation is expected from October to December 2018.

Bristol’s local plan will sit under a new Joint Spatial Plan which sets the framework and general locations for development up to 2036, including 105,000 new homes, alongside local plans in the other 3 council areas in the West of England region. Partnership members contributed similarly to that process, which is now nearing its end after final plans were submitted to central government in April. These region-level plans will now go to public examination by a planning inspector later this year.

A further consultation on a City Centre Framework – which looks at improving transport into and around the heart of Bristol – runs until 14 May. Further consultations on city and regional transport plans are also expected in the coming months. A strategic, joined-up and systems approach to planning for new homes, work places and transport is vital for achieving an environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive and prosperous city.

Central government is also consulting on revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework, which sits above all regional and local plans. This runs until 10 May.

We will keep Partnership members up to date with developments in these important processes for a sustainable city and region, and will encourage members to engage to help secure the best outcome for the environment. If you are interested in joining or helping to lead a sustainable planning group of Partnership member contacts, please do let us know via email.

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