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Seasons Greetings from Bristol Green Capital Partnership


Hello friends of Green Capital

So, it’s finally upon us. After so many years and so much hard work by people across the city, to build our green credentials and bid for the title itself, we are now the EUROPEAN GREEN CAPITAL.

The team behind Copenhagen 2014 have said their proudest achievement is the creation of a partnership of 90 organisations. Bristol is in the incredible position of starting our year with a partnership of well over 700 organisations, large and small, committed to working together to help Bristol become a leading world city on sustainability. Our members represent exceptional breadth and depth of expertise and leadership in the city which we are working to harness and highlight throughout 2015.

During 2014 the partnership has opened up to the active participation of much more of the city, significantly increased collaboration through Action Group working, and ensured the voice of our members is being heard. Organisations of any size – community and voluntary, charitable, public sector or private sector – have taken the Pledge and become members of the partnership. As we move into 2015 we are busy strengthening further our governance and structures, to ensure we are able to actively build a city-wide legacy for Bristol 2015.

We end the year in a spirit of positive collaboration with the Bristol 2015 Company as they gear up for a year of events and activities that will ensure Bristol is recognised as a global leader in sustainability. 2015 is a chance to share with the city and the world everything that is happening here, from big infrastrucure projects to tiny local initiatives, and ensure all the innovation and best practice is supported to grow and spread.

There are multiple ways to get involved for you to make the most of the diverse opportunities 2015 is bringing to the city. If your organisation would like to pledge you can find further information here, or visit for plenty more opportunities. The City Council and the delivery team for 2015 are only putting on part of the programme – it is Bristol’s award and it is all of our ideas, projects, events and breakthroughs that will really make it a year to be proud of and to change our city for good.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas Break and hope it leaves you re-energized for an incredible year to come.

Liz Zeidler – Chair of BGCP

and all the BGCP team

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