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Latest News

GENeco: Sparking interest in the environmental & sustainability industries


Bristol Green Capital Partnership recently launched a new collaboration with Bristol WORKS – inviting members of the Partnership to offer meaningful experiences of environmental sustainability-related work for young people in Bristol. 

We asked Mohammed Saddiq, Chair of Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC Board of Directors and Managing Director of GENeco, to tell us more about GENeco’s ‘Ignite’ work experience programme – tackling the economic disparity between communities in Bristol, providing students with exceptional employment skills and ‘sparking interest’ within environmental and sustainability industries.

Why is offering work experience so important for you at GENeco?

“Bristol Green Capital Partnership was set up to integrate sustainability across the communities within Bristol, and to provide a high quality of life for all. It is important that GENeco continues to reflect these ambitions, and that as an organisation we do what we can to have a positive impact we can have on the surrounding community. The employees at GENeco have both the skills and the knowledge to provide equal opportunities to students in need of work experience across the Bristol community, to ensure that the socio-economic background of an individual does not dictate their future.

As well as providing individuals with key skills for future employment, GENeco’s work experience programme, Ignite, gives our future generation an insight into renewable energy and recycling, an environmental sector that could ultimately safeguard their future. It is paramount that the future generation continue to learn about the environment and that we continue to drive interest towards renewable energy as we head into an undistinguishable future.”

The Ignite Programme

Back in July, GENeco launched the Ignite programme and hosted 16 students from both Merchants Academy and St Katherine’s College in Bristol. The students were given the opportunity to enhance key employment skills through a variety of different site tours and workshops provided by members of staff. After completion of the program, I was delighted that three times as many of the students said that they would like to work in an industry related to sustainability and the environment. Following on from the success of the program, we are looking forward to working with many more students from the surrounding communities in Bristol, in the hope that we can continue to provide opportunity, change lives and contribute to towards making a more prosperous Bristol.”


Could your organisation provide meaningful work experience in the sustainability field? Read more about our collaboration with Bristol WORKS and how we can make offering work experience hassle-free – from hosting workshops and assemblies, offering mentorships and site visits, to work placements within organisations.

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