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Latest News

The pioneering projects fronting Bristol’s Energy Movement in 2016

Image Credit: ©

Image Credit: ©

At the end of February 2016 at the Partnership’s Quarterly Gathering we saw a collaboration between local energy organisations and Partnership Members to consult on the recently drafted Framework for Climate and Energy Security behind the city’s bid to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Organisations each took to the stage to share how their work supports Bristol’s target to reduce carbon emissions across the city. Find out about the pioneering projects and initiatives fronting Bristol’s energy movement this year…

Mareike Schmidt sharing Bristol City Council's green projects at the Quarterly Gathering. Image Credit: ©

Mareike Schmidt at the Quarterly Gathering. Image Credit: ©

Bristol City Council

The council has unveiled investment opportunities in wider energy efficiency measures in homes across the city, more solar panels on council-owned buildings and city-wide installations of small-scale heat networks. “In the UK, only 2% of heat is distributed by heat networks – in Europe, its 30%.” says Mareike Schmidt, the Council’s Energy Service Manager at the recent Quarterly Gathering. These small-scale heat networks will give people the opportunity to be self-sufficient and help towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle at home.

Bristol Energy

Peter Haigh, Bristol Energy MD. Image Credit: ©

Peter Haigh, Bristol Energy MD. Image Credit: ©

Recently-launched independent energy supplier, Bristol Energy thrives on values built upon fairness and equality. A strong social conscience combined with simple tariffs are put in place to reach their ultimate goal – to end fuel poverty. This ambitious energy supplier will also increasing their low-carbon energy generation in the city over the coming years and will eventually manage a new district energy network, providing more efficient heat and power to the city – with all profits going back into Bristol City Council and their customers.

Project CHEESE

Easton Energy Group recently unveiled their innovative thermal imaging technology that’s helping local residents reduce energy use in their homes. All it takes is a small piece of equipment that attaches to an iPhone to photograph clear thermal images of houses. Each image shows clearly where the heat is being lost, giving people the knowledge of which energy saving measure will be most effective for their home.

Bristol Energy network

The umbrella organisation for community energy groups in Bristol has announced a generous £10,000 grant programme to support energy-efficiency with local residents. The grant will help people reduce their energy use, move towards cleaner energy renewable sources and support people to take affordable measures to meet their energy needs. Find out more.

 Image Credit: ©

Image Credit: ©

Bristol Energy Cooperative

Community-owned BEC is working towards growing Bristol’s local green energy supply that benefits the community, local economy and the environment. Profits from their recent fund-raising solar projects has given BEC the opportunity to offer an incredible £100,000 community fund for local community groups in Bristol. Stay up to date with how the fund will be distributed by following BEC on Twitter.

Bristol Green Doors

With a clear objective to make home refurbishments for energy efficiency the norm, Bristol Green Doors are celebrating the

Image Credit: ©

Image Credit: ©

work they do as ‘an easy win for carbon reduction’. Expect to see the continued roll-out of educational events to inspire, encourage and enable domestic green refurbishment across the city in 2016.

Centre for Sustainable Energy

Independent national charity, CSE encourages positive behaviour change towards energy-use. Janine Michael unveiled their ambitious plans at the Quarterly Gathering on helping shape Bristol to be a Smart-Energy City by addressing smart meters and ways to curb wasted energy in 2016.

Watch Session 1 – Presentations

Watch Session 2 – A panel discussion on Energy actions in the city

Watch Session 3 – A introductory presentation about the Climate and Energy Security Framework

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