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Latest News

The Role of Social Enterprise in Building Sustainable Futures

Ashley Vale self build project

Ashley Vale self build project

Bristol Green Capital Partnership and & Low Carbon South West CIC are partnering with Goodlab South West to look at the role of Social Enterprise in building sustainable futures.

Social enterprises play a key role in the sustainability agenda, developing entrepreneurial solutions with communities in housing, waste, food and energy. This event will focus on the core value that social enterprises offer the challenge of building sustainable futures – and ask how we can form the right partnerships to scale this work. Featured in the agenda is an open space to share your work, business or research with delegates. See link below to express an interest.

Tuesday 2nd June / Engine Shed Bristol / 5-8pm.


Dr Pam Seanor – Senior Lecturer, Strategy & Enterprise: UWE Faculty of Business & Law.
A member of Bristol Leadership Centre, Pam’s research focus is on entrepreneurship & social entrepreneurship. Her recent work explores change with the city region and how sustainability is being enacted by the Bristol Green Capital 2015 project.

Caroline BirdFuture Cities & Communities Knowledge Exchange Manager, Cabot Institute, University of Bristol.
Caroline’s research & work is in environmental sustainability; community action, energy and climate change, working at the interdisciplinary cross-sectoral interface. Recent research has focussed on the role of community energy intermediaries.

Bristol Energy Cooperative

Bristol Energy Cooperative

Peter Thompson – Chair, Bristol Energy Cooperative.
Started in 2011, Bristol Energy Coop has raised £247,000 with community investors to deliver 6 Solar PV projects on community buildings. Soon to launch their 3rd share offer and round of projects, BEC plays a key role in the City’s community energy sector.

Jackson Molding – Director, Ecomotive CIC.
Ecomotive works to support sustainable and affordable housing –and communities – in Bristol and beyond. Ecomotive’s newest project, SNUG Homes, will pilot design and delivery of small scale housing, with funding from Bristol Green Capital.

This event is for: 

Social enterprises, individuals and any civic organisation or business working in sustainability

Academics, staff, researchers and students interested in using their academic value for public benefit

Also featuring:

An open space to update attendees on your business, organisation or research. Let us know if you’d like to talk for a few minutes.

Briefings on the latest research and support available from the Goodlab team.

Goodlab South West builds partnerships between Higher Education Institutions & organisations that deliver social impact – to create mutual benefit, foster innovation and support positive social change. Supported by University of the West of England & University of Bristol.

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