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A Good Transport Plan for Bristol launches


Visit to download your copy of A Good Transport Plan for Bristol!

Launching today, A Good Transport Plan for Bristol 2016 sets out a vision for the future of travel in Bristol and has been produced by the cycling and walking charity Sustrans on behalf of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership Transport Action Group. The plan aims to show how getting around the city could be cleaner, cheaper and more efficient if we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Surveys took place in each Neighbourhood Partnership in 2015

Surveys took place in each Neighbourhood Partnership in 2015

In developing the plan, Sustrans have worked in collaboration with a range of local organisations, businesses and community group leaders and consulted with over 1,300 people – made up of over 700 face to face engagements at events across Bristol and a further 600 online.

It is hoped that the Good Transport Plan can create change by setting out objectives and proposals that would make traveling into and around Bristol more sustainable, accessible and enjoyable. The aim is to inspire people to see the potential for the future of travel in Bristol, and even to provide their own ideas – feeding into the current West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Transport Study consultations.

Ian Barrett, Sustrans Director and currently the Bristol Green Capital Partnership Vice-Chair said: “The Good Transport Plan has been a unique opportunity to engage people throughout Bristol in creating a shared vision for the city’s streets.  It brings together current plans for transport in the Bristol area and looks at what more we can do to change the way we travel and make it easier for everyone to travel in ways that are good for their health and the environment.  The Bristol Green Capital Partnership has provided a unique space to develop this idea and promote collaboration – bringing together previously disparate campaign voices to give everyone a chance to contribute to the debate on the future of transport in Bristol and establish new ambitions that we hope will help shape our transport system over the next 20-30 years.”

Joining the dots

Credit: J Bewley Sustrans

Credit: J Bewley Sustrans

The Good Transport Plan showcases the work that is already happening in Bristol, and builds on this to create a vision for a sustainable travel culture that puts the city and its people at its heart. By no means a definitive list, the Good Transport Plan is a simple tool that gives clear and agreed aims that will help us to plan and implement real change together, by connecting up and building on existing work and acting as a stepping stone for developing new initiatives. It identifies nine objectives that Bristol needs to continue to address to create a sustainable city with travel options and public spaces that can be used by everyone.

  • An affordable and reliable public transport system
  • A well-connected walking and cycling system that is of high quality
  • Increasing the use of low-emission, shared vehicle usage and accessible refilling points
  • Reducing the number of heavy vehicles on the road and coordinating delivery vehicle patterns
  • Creating a people centred city centre by reducing its traffic flow
  • Encouraging collaboration and empowerment to communities
  • Giving employees the chance to work from home when possible
  • Allowing children the opportunity to scoot and cycle to improve their well-being
  • And overall, to prove that sustainable and active travel is beneficial to everyone

We can make this change on every level, from the individual on the street to strategic planning at the city scale.

The Good Transport Plan was possible thanks to funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Bristol 2015 Company which were established to lead the delivery of the city’s European Green Capital year.

Over 20 commercial and community organisations have been involved and have signed up in support of the Good Transport Plan including FirstGroup; DHL; Business West; Enterprise Rent-a-Car; Greater Bedminster Community Partnership; Bristol Civic Society and Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways.

Lifecycle-400-x600Poppy Brett, Chief Executive, Life Cycle UK said: “Life Cycle UK signed up to ‘A Good Transport Plan for Bristol’ because we want to help create a new positive vision of transport in Bristol with more sustainable travel options for all.  The system we have at the moment isn’t working for anyone, and it’s time for a new dialogue. ‘A Good Transport Plan’ has provided an opportunity to discuss the future of sustainable transport, but it is only a starting point and I hope that by launching it this week, we will be able to widen the discussions even further and help create a truly shared vision for better transport in Bristol”.

We all have a part to play

The Good Transport Plan will help workplaces to implement practices that will make more sustainable commuting possible, help organisations to articulate the change that is needed at a strategic level, and make the case for good transport and more sustained investment to build a better Bristol.

Image 1 Copyright J Bewley Sustrans (Small)Ann O’Driscoll, Director North Bristol SusCom said: “As a Group of employers based in North Bristol, we are adversely impacted on a daily basis by congestion. We are proud to support ‘A Good Transport Plan for Bristol’ as it will help us continue to encourage our 40,000 employees, 30,000 students to travel more sustainably, more often. We know through our annual travel to work surveys that many people would like to get out of their cars and travel more sustainably but they need options – designated cycle routes, buses that don’t get caught up in traffic, more frequent rail services, showers and lockers at work etc.  The more we can cater for cyclists, walkers, and public transport users the more all road users benefit through reduced congestion and pollution”

The Good Transport Plan uses local case studies to encourage individuals to try out Bristol’s improved bus and train services, to try walking or cycling, and to get involved in local community organisations to implement the change we’d all like to see.

Ben Barker, Co-ordinator, Let’s Walk Bedminster said: “It’s very important that people are able to walk around their communities safely and in comfort. Too often the route to the shops, school, a friend’s house is an obstacle course of broken surfaces, blocked pavements, fast and noisy vehicles and poisonous air. People with mobility and sight problems are worst hit along with buggy pushers and small children. We must address this issue, and ‘A Good Transport Plan for Bristol’ will be a great tool in helping us to communicate this and inspire change”

It’s just the beginning

The Good Transport Plan sets out some key principles for improving transport and public space in Bristol over the coming years. Our conversations with organisations in Bristol and over 1,200 people have shown there is a clear appetite for even bigger systemic changes in the long term.People would like to see developments that achieve a step-change and put Bristol on the map as a liveable city with forward-thinking transport networks that allow individuals to make healthy and sustainable choices.

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, said: “It’s encouraging to see so many community organisations come together with a common goal in mind – to transform how we travel and move closer to our ambition of becoming a world leading city in active travel, where four out of five journeys under five miles are made by foot, bike and public transport. With the major bus rapid transit and rail infrastructure projects underway, investment in cleaner buses and new cycle and pedestrian routes such as Easton Way, we are making significant progress.

We inspired international audiences at the COP21 climate talks with our innovative partnerships, and now is the time to build on the successes which made us the Green Capital of Europe and collectively pave the way for a cleaner, flexible and more efficient transport system.”

Consultation at the Bristol Green Capital Partnership Gathering in Sept 2015

Consultation at the Bristol Green Capital Partnership Gathering in Sept 2015

Peter Mann, Bristol City Council Service Director for Transport said: “I very much welcome the production and launch of the Good Transport Plan by the Bristol Green Capital Partnership and recognise its contribution to the mobility debate in the city.  The Good Transport Plan helps to clarify the real challenges we face in keeping Bristol moving and to put forward some of the main ideas around sustainable transport.  The large membership of the Partnership provides a forum that reaches deep into Bristol’s communities and therefore helps engage many who would not necessarily get involved in a traditional consultation exercise.The forward planning for transport in the city region is currently underway through the Joint Spatial Plan and Transport Study consultation and the Good Transport Plan chimes well with this work.  It will I am sure, stimulate the debate further and I will make sure the Good Transport Plan is taken into account along side all other opinions in developing future transport policy in the city.”


Download your copy of A Good Transport Plan for Bristol 2016

How are you playing your part? Share thoughts using #GoodTransport

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