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Blog: Reflections on Sustainability Research & Support Internship.


James Ward, a University of Bristol graduate tells us about his internship experience with Bristol Green Capital Partnership:

“Internships often create a sense of apprehension: will I spend 10 weeks making photocopies and getting tea? These fears were immediately banished at Bristol Green Capital Partnership. My first task working with the company was to begin the monitoring and evaluation process of the local sustainability projects who were supported and funded through the Better Bristol campaign in 2017. I was given responsibility for drafting the initial questionnaire to be sent out to participants, and then in later weeks had to evaluate the responses and pull out common themes which might inform future initiatives. I also shared news and opportunities from the projects in an online article.”

Vicki Woolley, Operations Manager with Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC, supervised the internship: “James provided additional research and development capacity which was invaluable during a busy time. He helped to facilitate a table discussion at a West of England Energy Study stakeholder workshop and recorded key points to feed into the study. He also undertook research and produced a report on other UK city-wide partnerships and how models compare to Bristol Green Capital Partnership, which is a really useful resource to support future plans and development. Our student interns have always gone above and beyond expectations and we are so grateful for the creativity and diverse skillset they bring to the team.”

“My favourite thing about this internship has been the opportunity BGCP has given me to be involved with the One City Plan development process. Not only did I attend planning and discussion meetings for the plan, and through these observe decision-making processes in action, but I also produced research briefs for a discussion session hosted by the Partnership about environmental goals. Knowing that something I produced has helped (in a very small way!) the development of something as consequential as the One City Plan is a great feeling and one that I am very grateful to BGCP for giving me.

Even with the internship over, I know that the connections I have made here will last with events like the monthly Green Mingle keeping me involved with the Partnership’s work.”


James’ internship was part-funded by the University of Bristol Internship Scheme. Find out about funding available to support internships in your organisation at our upcoming Funding, Recruiting & Supporting Student Internships workshop on Tuesday 22 May.


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