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Bristol comes together for Green Great Britain Week


Members of Bristol Green Capital Partnership are coming together to take part in Green Great Britain Week, in collaboration with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Green Great Britain Week is a new initiative to help increase support for and raise awareness of the ambitious actions needed to tackle climate change and drive clean growth in the UK.

Through a range of activities between 15 – 19 October, nationally and locally, the programme will offer an opportunity to learn more about the implications of climate change, and what action needs to be taken to reduce emissions. This is particularly relevant to Bristol, which has committed to be carbon neutral by 2050. Each day of the week has a theme, highlighting key topics around clean growth, action on climate change and the low carbon economy.

The week kicks off with ‘UK Leading the World’. The Cabot Institute’s lecture ‘The Paris Agreement, where are we now? New evidence, a new call to action’ will explore the findings of the latest International Panel on Climate Change report, detailing the differences between a world that is 1.5°C warmer and a world that is 2°C warmer. We The Curious will also be offering a free screening of their stunning ‘Blue Marvel’ Planetarium show, and showcasing a new piece of street art by Anna Higgie.

On Tuesday, the focus will be onTechnologies of the future: Clean growth and innovation’. The Future Economy Network will co-host a business breakfast with BEIS to review the Climate Change Act then and now, highlighting progress made with the Clean Growth Strategy and showcasing innovation in transport and energy.

On Wednesday, the programme will highlight ‘Financing the low carbon economy’, with an afternoon event at the Bristol Energy Hub to explore the role of the financial sector in delivering clean growth, whilst UWE Bristol will host a lecture on what more can be done to ensure that businesses contribution is seen as a force for good.

Thursday’s focus is on ‘Clean growth as a business opportunity’. Alfen and the Future Economy Network will invite businesses and fleet owners to an afternoon event on the future of Electric Vehicles (EV), with further opportunities to see the latest EV technology the following day at the EV Roadshow in Bristol Amphitheatre hosted by Bristol City Council in partnership with BEIS.

On Friday we celebrate ‘Climate action in communities’, as Bristol Energy Network and Bristol City Council’s Energy Service host the ‘Energy Conference: Top Down v. Grass Roots’. The conference will focus on the opportunities that the transition to low carbon brings and how communities can help to tackle climate change, followed by the annual Community Energy Awards hosted by Community Energy England and Community Energy Wales.

Events continue into the weekend, with the Economics of Happiness conference and Bristol Housing Festival – and the week will conclude with Bristol hosting the Global Parliament of Mayors.

Ian Townsend, Chief Executive of Bristol Green Capital Partnership, said “Bristol is recognised globally for its leadership in environmental sustainability, and we have committed to become a clean energy city by 2050. This can only be achieved by involving every organisation, every business, every community and every citizen across Bristol. Green Great Britain Week offers a fantastic opportunity to promote the positives of transitioning to a carbon neutral city – including the extensive economic benefits – and the role we can all play in getting us there.”

Professor Jemma Wadham, Director of the Cabot Institute, said “We’re really pleased to be working with the Government on this important initiative. Climate change is one of the most urgent and pressing challenges we face today. By providing the evidence base, the Cabot Institute is helping businesses, government and the public to develop practical, interdisciplinary solutions that both improve how we live in our world and enable us to face the challenges arising from our interactions with the environment”.

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