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Bristol launches first ever One City Plan


Today Bristol launched its first ever One City Plan, outlining how we can collectively create a fair, healthy and sustainable city by 2050. Bristol Green Capital Partnership has been involved from an early stage, working to enable Partnership members to influence the development of the plan and ensure environmental sustainability features prominently.

As part of this process, we have drawn up a vision for environmental sustainability which has fed into the Plan, and which we will be publishing as a separate document next week with 5 key areas of action for each of our 5 themes – energy, food, nature, resources and transport.

A number of City Boards will support the delivery of the One City Plan going forward, including a new Environmental Sustainability Board which Bristol Green Capital Partnership will be facilitating. This new Board will help to deliver the environmental elements of the Plan and our environmental sustainability vision, including becoming a carbon neutral city. It will encourage engagement with all the other Boards which will be essential for realising these goals.

Read more in today’s announcement from Bristol City Council:

Bristol has launched its first ever One City Plan setting out ambitious targets for the future of Bristol, decade by decade up to 2050.

Partners from across the city’s business, charitable, academic and public sectors all contributed to the first draft of the plan which aims to make Bristol fair, healthy and sustainable with reduced inequality.

The plan has a vision for each decade and goals which fall under six priority themes; Health and Wellbeing, Economy, Homes and Communities, Environment, Learning and Skills and Connectivity.

The visions, plan and the timeline have been developed from outputs from a wide range of workshops with partners and communities in 2017 and 2018, with input directly from the thematic boards and groups in the city and information extracted from pre-existing strategies and plans.

City Boards will lead the delivery of the plan, and each decade has a vision:

  • 2019 – 2029: A decade where we set ambitious goals and defined new pathways
  • 2030 – 2039: A decade of forging ahead with a universal approach to city living
  • 2040 – 2050: A decade of inclusivity, fairness and sustainability in a world class city that is influencing on the global stage

Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees said: “As a city, we are responsible for shaping and investing in our future and so the One City Plan describes the Bristol we want to live in.

“While it’s important to recognise this is very much a first draft which will need evolving, it is most importantly the first time we have brought the city together and partners have created a long-term plan together.  It is that commitment to collaboration that will help us succeed. We are stronger together and this plan will help everyone involved achieve new things, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

“We know Bristol has huge potential but is held back by inequalities. Everything in our city is connected from the quality of our infrastructure and housing, to the health and opportunities for our children and citizens. We therefore need to step-up to wrestle with the toughest challenges we face today.”

Andy Street, Chair of One City Funds, said: “The One City Plan is a real chance for partners to come together and create an inclusive and sustainable city where everyone has the best life chances. Through this commitment to joint working we will not only create a positive impact now, but pave the way for future generations to continue the journey.”

  • The plan is available to download online via
  • If your business/organisation is not yet a Partnership member and would like to get involved, join us to ensure that you are among the first to hear news and updates. If your organisation is already a member, you can register as a member contact here.
  • Look out for ‘Our Future’, the Partnership’s new environmental sustainability vision for Bristol, which launches early next week
  • Catch up on social media coverage of the City Gathering to launch the One City Plan
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