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How you can strike gold by transforming small-scale mining in Uganda


A great night out and a chance to transform lives of small-scale gold miners in Uganda – be part of it!

gold-kachaGold – associated with glamour, wealth and luxury, yet small scale gold mining is one of the most dangerous and low-paid industries in the world. Around 16 million people work as small-scale miners, supplying 10% of the world’s gold. The use of mercury in the extraction process is hugely damaging to human health and the environment, as it’s burnt in cooking pans and poured into rivers.

Fairtrade Gold pioneer, CRED Foundation, has found a low-cost locally produced solution to eradicate the use of mercury for miners. This ‘Gold Kacha’ machine will:

  • Guarantee a safer and healthier environment for miners and their communities in Africa
  • Eliminate the use of child labour due to increased yields
  • Scale up production for an increasing supply of Fairtrade Gold, creating sustainable livelihoods. Fairtrade Gold standards also ensure local environments are protected and mine sites are restored once dug, protecting ecosystems and soil.

This breakthrough solution will also help meet 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals!

1. No Poverty – a fair price for gold means miners will earn a sustainable wage

2. Zero Hunger – a decent income means miners can feed their families

Sustainable Development Goals_E_Final sizes3. Good Health and Wellbeing – instead of being poisoned by mercury, miners can use Fairtrade premiums to set up health clinics. Miners can also afford hard hats, shoes and other basic equipment to improve health and safety.

8. Decent Work and Economic growth – sustainable livelihoods can be maintained through the Fairtrade market

12. Responsible Consumption and Production – respecting people through improved health and safety, and land through no mercury and Fairtrade environmental standards

15. Life on Land – protecting soil and local ecosystems instead of destroying them with open mines.
We would love the people of Bristol to raise money to fund one of these Kachas to transform the lives of miners in eastern Uganda. You can see the impact of this equipment in this short film

Bristol Fairtrade, Go Green and Bristol Green Capital Partnership are planning a sparkling night of inspiration, fun, Fairtrade food and drink and an auction to celebrate Healthy City Week 2016 and fundraise for the Gold Kacha. One lucky guest will receive the Golden Ticket, hidden inside a wrapper of Divine chocolate (Willy Wonka style!) and win a beautiful Fairtrade Gold necklace from Liz Earle’s collection!

Join us at the Golden Ticket Gala, Thursday 20th October 7-10pm at Armada House Bristol BS1 4BQ

The event is sponsored by the Co-operative and Bristol jewellers, Diana Porter, who offer a range of Fairtrade Gold jewellery.

Tickets are £25 and include a Fairtrade and locally sourced meal (including vegan and gluten free options), a welcome drink and a goody bag plus your chance to win the necklace. We’ll also hear from the fun and inspiring Greg Valerio MBE, the pioneer of Fairtrade Gold.

Auction prizes include a Fairtrade gold ring and cufflinks, meals out and food and drink packages.

Book your tickets or donate to the Gold Kacha here: http:/

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