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Insights from our collaboration with Redcliffe & Temple BID


In January, we launched our collaboration with Redcliffe & Temple BID, to deliver tailored climate support to businesses in this area of the city. After engaging with more than fifty businesses so far this year through our Climate Action Programme, Engagement Officer, Bex Shreeve, reflects on what she has learned about climate action within Bristol’s business community and shares how we can help businesses accelerate climate action.

Climate Action in Redcliffe and Temple

Bex Shreeve

When people ask me about my work, I tell them it’s my dream job, and I mean it wholeheartedly. Every week I connect with businesses in Bristol that have a genuine commitment to reducing emissions and are actively working to operate more responsibly and sustainably. With so much climate news focussing on what is not happening, it’s been inspiring to tap into the widespread climate action taking place.

Over the last eight months, I’ve connected with more than thirty Redcliffe and Temple businesses, and nearly all of them have a net zero target and are reporting on progress. Progress might be mixed and generally limited to scopes 1 and 2, but overall businesses are working hard to strengthen their credibility by signing up for accreditations such as SBTi and they’re recognising the need to empower staff and accelerate climate action in order to meet the increasing demand from clients and suppliers.

Although we recommend having a robust climate action plan in place, I’ve been really impressed by how some businesses, and not just SMEs, have just got going with a general sense of emissions hotspots to direct their work. Acting on climate isn’t easy, so the energy and enthusiasm is really encouraging, and I love how bold and creative businesses are getting to tackle this challenge head-on.

However, what has surprised me is that when it comes to tackling challenges, some businesses are trying to do so in isolation and/or they think they are alone in what they’re encountering. Whereas in fact, a lot of the challenges shared with me are common across most sectors, and in businesses of all sizes. I have highlighted a few here and how we can help.

Common challenges

Data – reporting, analysis, and management

Cover image of scope 3 business travel resource with borderCollating carbon data and reporting accurately continues to be a barrier faced by most businesses, particularly for those with limited resources and/or businesses working on Scope 3 data.

  • TIP: We have a range of Scope 3 resources and I am in the process of developing a new one about KPIs with support from Climate Leaders Group member, Turner & Townsend.
  • TIP: Among the many tools available, check out NatWest’s free Carbon Planner, which is open to every business, and can help you set targets, manage data, and identify carbon and cost savings.

Engaging stakeholders

Staff tend to be well engaged from the outset, but client and supplier engagement varies hugely. Some businesses are struggling to encourage climate-conscious decision-making or acquire data from suppliers.

  • TIP: We recently hosted a Climate Action Breakfast exploring how businesses can drive behaviour change, and we’ll have a new resource coming out soon with tips from our speaker, Livvy Drake (Sustainable Sidekicks).

Local insight 

Although Bristol is a vibrant hub of climate action, there seems to be a lack of knowledge about what is happening on the ground, how businesses can exchange expertise and where they can offer support.

  • TIP: Join Bristol Green Capital Partnership as a member, as we are a network of more than 1,100 organisations committed to positive climate and nature action in the city. It’s free and quick to join us.
  • TIP: Subscribe to our Climate Action Programme mailing list, as we regularly share news of our upcoming events, resources, and other opportunities. Email if you’d like to sign up.

I would love to celebrate more positive climate news from Redcliffe and Temple and connect with more businesses in the area so that we can tailor our programme of support to meet their needs. Please do get in touch with me if we can support or celebrate your work (

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