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Latest News

Interactive art project launches this week – asking ‘How will you live in the future?’


one day : day one – Resilience will launch at the Bristol 2015 Lab on the Harbourside on 28th May 2015, 6 – 8pm.

Artist Sara Zaltash is bringing an illustrated pop up dome to Bristol’s neighbourhoods this summer, to explore how the city will change in the future and what that will mean for the people of Bristol. one day : Day One – Resilience, part of Bristol 2015, is a participatory artwork which connects with cities around the world that are committed to becoming more resilient in their approach to the future.

Speakers at the launch include:

  • Sarah Toy – Strategic Resilience Officer, Bristol City Council
  • Ian Roderick – Director, Schumacher Institute
  • Gary Topp – Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Development Manager
  • Plus Bristol art collective CHAMP will be inspiring people to share their visions in the one day : Day One dome – this is an exclusive interactive experience for people who come to the launch event.

Reserve your ticket for the launch here.

one day : Day One will bring a mobile geodesic dome to various locations around the city, illustrated on the outside by artist Jack-Reuben Fletcher with an evocative vision of Bristol in the future.

The illustration shows the way the city can adapt to changes as predicted by experts working in areas such as climate, housing, food supply and transport, alongside the work being done by individuals and organisations to make the city more resilient.

The dome will pop up at heritage sites, schools, community fairs and street parties, Big Green Week and many more. At each location members of the public will be invited to look at the vision of Bristol  in the future and then record a short video to say what they would do if today were Day One of that future. These videos will then be shared online and in public exhibitions around the city, including the Big Screen in Millenium Square, the Bristol 2015 Lab and in Broadmead.

Bristol 2015 Chairman, Andrew Garrad commented: “We’re delighted to support one day : Day One – Resilience and to celebrate the project at the launch event in our LAB space on the 28th. This project makes the idea of future-proofing Bristol accessible to everyone and gets people involved in thinking about how they can play a part in making the Bristol of the future just as great a place to live and work as it is now.”

The project was inspired by Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Resilience Action Group. Chaired by The Schumacher Institute, the group aims to encourage projects, activities and relationships that protect Bristol, and its people, from shocks and stresses like extreme weather events, resource shortages, food supply problems or power cuts.

It inspired Zaltash to ask: one day our world will change. What if today were Day One?  This is the question she will be putting to the people of Bristol this summer as the one day: Day One dome travels around the city.

Zaltash asks: “What if we could see what the future has in store for us, and learn to bounce back more effectively? How might we act if that future were now? How can we share this resilient-thinking around the world, and learn from each others ways of bouncing back to our best?

“All the energy in Bristol around the elections shows just how much people care about their city.  Whether it’s green issues, housing, stronger communities, wanting fairer work opportunities or just decent, honest food in our bellies, it’s clear that Bristol residents are looking for ways to get involved and change their lives for the better.

“In order to be able to bounce back from the coming shocks and stresses, people need to be able to envisage what those impending challenges are, and to understand what they would personally do if – and when – that situation occurred.

one day : Day One – Resilience is launching on 28th May at the Bristol 2015 Lab on the Harbourside and will tour Bristol’s neighbourhoods between June 2015 – September 2015. Following that the project will expand to other cities within the 100 Resilient Cities network such as London and Glasgow.

one day : Day One – Resilience has been created by Sara Zaltash in partnership with the Schumacher Institute in Bristol, UK. The project is supported by Quartet Community Foundation, Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Bristol City Council, Knowle West Media Centre and the Festival of Ideas.


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