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Members needed for new Bristol ‘One City’ Environmental Sustainability Board


On the day that the UK Climate Change Committee has recommended a significant shift on national climate targets, Bristol is seeking people to join a new ‘One City’ Environmental Sustainability Board.

Bristol published the first iteration of the One City Plan in January 2019, with the city coming together to agree on a vision “a fair, healthy and sustainable city” by 2050 and work towards this. Six thematic ‘One City’ boards will drive action and deliver on the goals set out in the Plan.

The Mayor invited the Partnership to create and facilitate a new Environmental Sustainability Board, so playing a key role in its development.

The ES Board will sit alongside economy, health and wellbeing, homes, transport and learning boards to lead, support and advise on action to deliver on the ambitions outlined in the One City Plan and in Our Future, Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s vision and 5 actions for each of our 5 themes – energy, food, nature, resources and transport – for a sustainable city by 2050, which contributed to the first One City Plan.

In November 2018, the elected members of Bristol City Council and the Mayor of Bristol unanimously passed a climate emergency motion, following the International Panel on Climate Change 1.5C global warming report. The new ES Board will contribute to achieving the Partnership’s strategic priority of accelerating progress towards a carbon neutral city, and also contribute towards achieving the other 3 strategic priorities: environmental equality, Going for Gold – Bristol becoming the UK’s first ‘gold’ sustainable food city, and a ‘circular’, zero waste city.

Key considerations in the open ‘expressions of interest’ process launched today are ensuring the ES Board’s members have the qualities and experience, resources, knowledge and/or networks needed to lead Bristol’s journey towards becoming a more a sustainable and inclusive city, and doing all we can to achieve a diverse and inclusive ES Board that can represent the city’s communities and involve them in creating the solutions needed for the environmental sustainability issues that the Bristol and all of its communities and citizens.

Mohammed Saddiq, chair of the company that supports Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s the member organisations, said:

“Bristol Green Capital Partnership is pleased to be creating and facilitating this new ‘One City’ Environmental Sustainability Board. It will play a key role to in delivering the Partnership’s vision of a sustainable city with a high quality of life for all, and our accelerating progress towards carbon neutrality in particular.

There is a growing appreciation of the importance of environmental sustainability for progress on social and economic sustainability towards the One City Plan’s goals. The new boards will provide opportunities to make the most of positive interlinkages between different issues.

We encourage people from business, other organisations and individuals across all of the city’s diverse communities who are keen to lead on addressing these challenges to apply to become members of the new Environmental Sustainability Board.”

ES Board members are being appointed through an ‘expression of interest’ process, running from 2 May 2019 through to 9am on 20 May 2019.

Are you excited to help deliver an environmentally sustainable and inclusive city? If so, please go to the One City Website to learn more about the role and how to apply.

The 850+ members of Bristol Green Capital Partnership – the city’s network of business and other organisations who have been engaged on environmental sustainability issues for decades in some cases, will be an invaluable resource for the ES Board.

This will work to fully align the second iteration of the One City Plan and the actions outlined in Our Future, and the Partnership is guaranteed at least one place on the ES Board to help to facilitate this.

Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC’s board will continue to oversee the company that supports its member organisations, agree its strategic priorities and monitor its activities and impact. The Company’s directors have advised on and approved this process of creating the new ES Board as an important way of achieving the Partnership’s shared vision of a sustainable city with a high quality of life for all.

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