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Latest News

One Tree Per Child launches in Bristol


Bristol has been chosen as the first city in the world to rollout the launch of a new international initiative called One Tree Per Child. Co-founded by Olivia Newton-John, One Tree Per Child will be launching in Bristol on Monday February 23rd in partnership with Bristol City Council.

The project aims to have every one of the 36,000 children in Bristol’s primary schools planting at least one tree each. It will also include expansive education and engagement of young people in trees and the natural world, including work to understand more about local endangered tree species and conservation projects. Bristol City Council’s Tree Pips schools project will be absorbed into the new wider ranging One Tree Per Child initiative.”

One Tree Per Child was started by Olivia Newton-John and Jon Dee, the founders of Australia’s highly successful National Tree Day. When Olivia and Jon fronted Tree Day, 10 million native trees and shrubs were planted across Australia and hundreds of thousands of children were involved. Olivia Newton-John, one of Australia’s best known environmentalists, has planted over 10,000 trees at her home. She is delighted that Bristol is the first city to launch the project: “I believe that society benefits when young children get out, get their hands in the earth, and plant trees. Planting trees and shrubs is a great way for kids in Bristol to connect to the environment and their community.

Jon Dee, the Director and co-Founder of One Tree Per Child, is in Bristol to launch the initiative with the Mayor and explained that “Together with Bristol City Council, our aim is to have all 36,000 children in Bristol’s 130 primary schools planting at least one tree each, but to achieve that, we need every head teacher to sign their school up to the project.”

“Involving Bristol’s children in the project has a number of benefits. As a child grows so does the tree that they plant. Our experience shows that as their tree grows, so does the child’s commitment to looking after the environment and the community around them.”

Lord Stern, one of the world’s leading researchers on climate change, is a patron of One Tree Per Child. He hopes that Bristol will be the first of many cities and towns around the world to adopt the policy of planting one tree per child.

How will ‘One Tree Per Child’ operate in Bristol’s schools?

  • There is no cost for Bristol’s schools to take part in ‘One Tree Per Child’. Bristol City Council will cover the cost of the trees and the tree planting tools.
  • In addition to helping schools with their tree planting, the ‘One Tree Per Child’ team at Bristol City Council will send a tree expert to the school to teach the children about trees.
  • If a school doesn’t have spare land to plant their trees, Bristol City Council will organise the land for them.

Who’s supporting One Tree Per Child?

  • UK patrons for the One Tree Per Child project include Lord Hastings, Baroness Howarth, Lord Levene, Lord May, Baroness Morris of Yardley, Lord Rees, Baroness Shephard, Lord Stern and Lord Williamson.
  • DoSomething co-founder and former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash has joined Olivia Newton-John to be an Ambassador for the initiative. Pat will be coming to Bristol in 2015 to help some schools plant their trees. Other Ambassadors will be announced shortly.
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