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Partnership members feed into consideration of regional plans up to 2036


Partnership members have engaged with the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) process, the development of proposals for housing, transport and employment land in the West of England region up for almost 20 years. 

The Partnership’s staff team and members responded to several rounds of public consultations in 2016 and 2017. These raised a number of environmental sustainability issues: you can see these responses here. 

The JSP was submitted to central government in April 2018, and the process is now in its ‘examination stage’. This involves independent planning inspectors reviewing the JSP and the evidence behind and decide whether it is ready for adoption. The inspectors will hold public hearings, expected to be in May 2019.

Ahead of this, the inspectors identified areas where further evidence was needed. This led to a number of documents – on transport, locations for development, an appraisal of the JSP’s economic, environmental and social sustainability, an assessment of the impact on habitats and protected species, employment land and how local authorities have cooperated with neighbours and other bodies – being made public in November 2018. 

There followed a further period of consultation on these documents. Responses to this consultation build on responses in previous round. This closed on 7 January 2019, and the West of England’s four councils will now produce a report, including comments received and their response, which will go to the planning inspectors for their consideration. 

Partnership members encouraged members to respond to this consultation and a number did so: with their kind permission, we share their responses below. If your member organisation also responded to the consultation, let us know – we would be happy to publish it here as well. 

We will keep members informed about future stages of the JSP process and public examinations. 


Information on the whole JSP process can be found here.  Letter exchanges between the planning inspectors are available here. 

To stay updated on the JSP process sign up on the mailing list page.

The JSP is a product of the 4 local authorities in the West of England region – Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire councils. As such, the JSP is not a responsibility of the West of England Combined Authority (3 authorities) or West of England Joint Committee (4 authorities). 

The Joint Local Transport Plan is a separate – though strongly linked – process. This is due to go to public consultation in February 2019.

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