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Imagine a city where it’s enjoyable, convenient and affordable for everyone to travel sustainably every day…

Imagine a city where everyone, of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, can get around easily. A city where it is enjoyable, convenient and affordable for everyone to get from A to B and where the transport network is simple to use, well-connected and reliable.

Imagine a city with inspiring and vibrant public spaces, which help communities across the city to come alive and thrive; where transport and public space come together to create a liveable environment that’s good for us and good for the city, free from congestion, as well as air and noise pollution.

A city where it’s normal for everyone to travel sustainably every day, and we celebrate the culture of sustainable travel.

We believe that this can become a reality for Bristol, with inspiring projects already happening and the potential for so much more.

Key areas for action

For five key areas for action and more detail on the above, please see Our Future: A Vision for an Environmentally Sustainable Bristol.

How can your organisation help?

• Download, promote and share the Good Transport Plan, an inspiring document which sets out a vision for a sustainable transport system in Bristol, including some ideas for how to contribute;
• Include measures to promote sustainable transport in your organisation, such as providing secure cycle parking for employees and offering incentives to those who use sustainable travel methods to get to work;
• Watch this space for further opportunities to contribute to the West of England’s Joint Transport Study and Joint Spatial Plan;
• If you are directly working on transport, contact us about joining the Sustainable Transport Network, to meet and discuss transport-related issues with others who are working on similar things.

Join the Partnership

We will continue to look for other ways for your organisation to contribute to a more sustainable transport system in Bristol. To stay up-to-date about these and opportunities related to Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s four other themes (Energy, Food Nature, Resources), sign up as a member here.

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