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Latest News

Redfest’s sustainability efforts for 2019


Aisha Stewart is one of two Sustainability Coordinators for Redfest Bristol. Redfest Bristol was founded in 2008 by a small group of volunteers looking to provide a showcase for local artistic talent whilst bringing an increased sense of community to the area. In the blog post below, she describes the efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the event. 

Redfest Bristol is a free community music and arts festival based in the Redfield and St George area of East Bristol, aimed at providing a free, accessible, high quality performing and visual arts event for the community.

Our vision is to enrich the local community through the arts, by providing events that are environmentally sustainable, respect the culture and people we work for and with, and offer real economic benefit to the community in which we operate.

Sustainability has always been entrenched in the framework of the festival. As the festival attracts more people each year, the Redfest Sustainability Team is working hard to reduce the environmental impact of the event through various initiatives:

  • Solar powered stages
  • Providing sustainably sourced merchandise
  • Plastic waters not permitted to be sold by vendors
  • All food containers sustainable/compostable
  • Cycle Hub to safely park/lock bikes with various cycling related stalls

With a festival that can reach up to 20,000 attendees, the Redfest Team wish to promote how community and volunteer-led festivals can still support sustainable initiatives while working with smaller budgets.

This year, encouraging more sustainable methods of getting to the festival has been a large focus of our efforts. In 2018, attendee travel accounted for approximately 80% of the festival’s carbon footprint. With the implementation of the Cycle Hub in 2018, we are hoping by bringing it back this year, we will attract those that did not know about it last year. Our dedicated Cycle Hub Coordinator Fiona has joined the team and is working with local cycling shops and organisations to provide informative stalls about cycling and bike maintenance.

This year’s festival is happening Saturday, August 3rd in St George’s Park. The festival will include a range of local artists and vendors and fun activities for the whole family. To find out more information about the event, check out the Redfest Bristol website. This event would not be possible without the support of local businesses and charities, please consider donating on the Localgiving page to help support the growth of the festival

Please help support our sustainability goals by using a sustainable mode of transportation for the event! Check out our Getting to Redfest page for more information on public transport routes and the best cycle route.

Check out volunteer opportunities to be involved on the day of the event.

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