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The Bristol Re-Use Network – Are you part of a Re-Use organisation or project?


Bristol Wood Recycling Project Yard 2The Re-Use Network, which was initiated by the Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Waste Action Group established back in January 2014, was awarded £50,000 via Bristol 2015’s Strategic Grants Fund as part of the city’s year long delivery as European Green Capital for 2015. The project will be managed by Resource Futures, who have been providing support and guidance to the network over the last year, bringing their experience and expertise in developing similar re-use initiatives across the UK.

A grass roots organisation, Bristol Re-Use will benefit through funding to increase collaborative working between members, to promote and increase re-use of goods and materials, to encourage individuals, communities, businesses and organisations to join in and to develop new initiatives such as jumble trails, repair workshops and swap shops.  The project will also review re-use activity at Bristol’s Household Waste Recycling Centres with a view to increasing capacity and capturing value.  One of the key outputs is to develop and offer tool kits to local community groups to develop their own re-use projects and processes.  The remit covers a broad church of material streams including furniture, textiles, wood and electrical equipment.

The network brings together a number of known Bristol-based organisations such as The Bristol Wood Recycling Project, Children’s Scrapstore, SOFA Project and Bristol Textiles Recycling Ltd. The project is scheduled to run for an initial ten-month period focusing on the city of Bristol.   There will be scope to work with neighbouring authorities as many of the members have a wider geographical reach.

If you are passionate about reuse and are part of reuse projects and organisations that would like to join the network, you can get in touch via the Bristol Re-Use Network website.

Commenting on the award, Jane Stephenson, CEO at Resource Futures and Bristol 2015 board member said, “This is a fantastic result for all the hard work and good will put in by members of the Waste Action group at Bristol Green Capital Partnership.  They have all worked tirelessly in bringing their expertise to bear on capturing the value that is in the re-use materials streams.  A true example of a grass roots-led work piece, Resource Futures is delighted to be able to assist with managing this project in collaboration with our other partners.”

Ben Moss, Founder and co-director of Bristol Wood Recycling Project, added: “Bristol has a rich history of grass-root responses to systemic problems, particularly in waste, and we are proud to be part of that heritage, working together now to create real solutions for the future. A city based on a circular economy where employment, resilience and behaviour change is created through the re-valuing of our resources to reflect the true worth they possess is the Bristol that we want to be part of making. We’re very happy to be given this opportunity to work together on exciting and innovative projects.”

The Strategic Grant Funds is one of a clutch of funding opportunities provided by Bristol 2015 as the city delivers its European Green Capital programme. “We are delighted to fund this partnership project as part of Bristol 2015,” said Andrew Garrad, Chair of Bristol 2015, “Resource is one of our five key themes therefore Bristol Re-Use is an ideal fit with our deliverables – to show grass roots change that has a lasting legacy.  We are looking forward to seeing how this project evolves and improves the lives of Bristolians and the local economy.”

Article from Resource Futures: an employee owned, non-profit distributing independent environmental consultancy business with a focus on high quality collection and expert analysis and interpretation of data to guide customers in the efficient use of material resources; and on the delivery of innovative behaviour change programmes. The company has a 20 year heritage of working in Bristol and supporting sustainable waste management solutions.

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