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UWE Business & Law – ‘Triple Bottom Line’ Research


uwe-roundabout-300x114Here at the Bristol Green Capital Partnership, we believe that this city of ours has the potential to be one of the most sustainable, innovative and influential cities in Europe and in the run up to 2015 we are looking into initiatives that will allow us to fulfil that potential and allow Bristol to act as a role model for the world. We want to enable organisations to share their best practices and collaborate on green initiatives while supporting them in their efforts to find these new ideas. Furthermore, we want to make Bristol a leader for social inclusion, community wellbeing and teaching about our responsibility to nature and the environment.

Because of this, looking at the way businesses in Bristol operate is of growing importance to the Bristol Green Capital Partnership but also on a wider scale when looking at how businesses operate around the world. As part of their second year studies, Business & Law students at the University of the West of England (UWE) are currently researching the way in which some businesses in Bristol are applying aspects of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ (TBL) concept to their work. For those who are unaware of the term ’Triple Bottom Line’, it refers to a form of accounting and business management that commits to improving sustainability and has three main objectives at its core: people, planet and profit. In the case of TBL however, the profit refers to economic benefit that is passed to the local area via the business rather than profit in the conventional business sense.

The research will be looking at the advantages of operating under the TBL for businesses in Bristol, but also looking at ways to improve performance and embrace TBL further. Alongside this, the students are looking at whether Bristol being awarded the European Green Capital award for 2015 will have any impact on the way business owners in the city act upon corporate and social responsibility.

We see this as a great opportunity for the Bristol Green Capital Partnership to interact with local businesses and organisations to find out about the pioneering work that they are currently undertaking but also by engaging with UWE’s research, understand what more we can be doing to guide local businesses to be more sustainable and socially aware. We are also extremely proud to be included in this research project and pleased that we can lend our support to the students of UWE and help them in their studies.

James Wright

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